Camp Wannakiki

Season 2

CAMP WANNAKIKI Season 2 premiered on August 7th, 2019. The premise is quite simple... take twelve drag performers to see who can last the week at an actual Summer Camp and claim the crown!

This hilarious show features some of the campiest campers from across the United States along with kooky Camp Counselor Dear Ruthie and Camp Directors Apple Brown Betty and Cherry Pi!

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Meet the Season 2 Campers

Barbra Wyre Photo

Los Angeles, CA

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Barbra Wyre

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Barbra Wyre is a young, gorgeous, talented, funny, smart, skinny, eccentric, eclectic, entertaining, enigmatic, egotistical, naive and narcissistic queen who's ready for anything that nature throws at her! Except bugs, bugs can choke. She has NEVER been camping before but is so excited to trade in smog-filled L.A. air with “fresh” Camp Wannakiki air!

Barbra got her start in the tight knit downtown Los Angeles drag community and has since expanded her “talents” onto stages in West Hollywood and Palm Springs. Even though she isn't the most seasoned queen in the bunch, she knows that she can hold her own against some of the campiest queens in the country! Will she be Queen of Camp? Watch and find out!

Boris Tudeth Photo

Kansas City, MO

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Boris Tudeth

Greasy. Horny. Hairy. Confused.

This is Boris Tudeth, but you can call him Daddy. Boris is a drag king from Kansas City, MO and the sole reason Arby's is still in business. He is a lovable, laughable, wacky guy, who is more than a snack... Boris is a buffet. Some might describe his style as questionable, but hey, even bad taste is still taste. He's never met a problem pattern, piece of jewelry, or tub of glitter he didn't like. Oh, and he can tie a cherry stem into the Star of David with his tongue!!

You can find him at Hamburger Mary's KC as well as other venues in Kansas City, hosting and producing his own shows, cracking dad jokes, and making terrible puns. Boris brings life to the stage and shines, just likes his gold tooth. This cuddly bear is a charmer, so watch out he might just steal your heart... and your picnic basket.

Carly Uninemclite Photo

Cleveland, OH

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Carly Üninemclite

Carly is a goofy fun-loving comedy and fashion queen from Cleveland who has had too much time on the internet. She started doing drag 3-1/2 years ago and since has wanted nothing more than to bring laughter and smiles to everyone all over the world. When she first started she would go for fishy looks and perform high energy dance numbers but found no joy in it. It wasn't until about a year in that Carly found the joys of comedy and has been in love with performing ever since.

She now performs at several gay bars in Ohio as well as many straight venues. You can also catch her on the newest trending social media site TikTok under the handle @psherman42wallaby

Clare Apparently Photo

Portland, OR

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Clare Apparently

Why live a life of either/or when you can have both and more? Clare Apparently is a queen who embodies the exploration of joy, the reclaiming of shamelessness, and the playfulness of gender through her campy spirit. Drag is the performance art of loving yourself, and Clare wants to lead through example.

As an out trans male drag queen, Clare Apparently is proud to bring visibility for this often-overlooked facet of the queer community to Camp Wannakiki! Celebrate the beauty of all the genders that live in you... don't be afraid to screw things up and have fun!

Coco Jem Holiday Photo

Grand Junction, CO

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Coco Jem Holiday

Coco Jem Holiday is your less-than-premier but ever so ego-filled glamp queen! Hoping to eventually see her name in lights, she wants to do it by bursting through the glass ceiling with poorly made glitter CGI effects and come out on the other side a stronger independent black woman with the perfect cut crease. #BlackGirlMagic #WakandaForever #MUA

Coco has been performing and producing mid to large size drag events for six long weight fluctuating years in good old Grand Junction, Colorado with frequent trips to perform in Denver. Her performances are usually a Beyoncé style call to action. One of her proudest moments was hosting a domestic violence awareness fundraiser at Mile High Hamburger Mary’s and being a guest speaker at the Grand Junction Women's March where she spoke about transgender issues. Outside of that, she's the complete business fish and wants drag entertainers to understand their worth as hardworking performers. Bottom line, she's “that” friend, (in and out of drag) and is proud of it.

Debbie Fox Photo

Chicago, IL

Debbie Fox on Instagram

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Debbie Fox

Debbie Fox is the pin-up of Halsted, Boystown's Sweetheart, Chicago's Mousketeer! Born and raised in Chicago, Debbie has been doing drag professionally for over 10 years. Even at the age of 35, she's young at heart and a big fan of comics and cartoons... with Mickey Mouse being her favorite. She takes inspiration from vintage fashions from the 1920s all the way to the 80s, but her favorite fashion comes from the 1950s and rock-a-billy style.

Aside from hosting her weekly parties at Replay Lakeview and Progress Bar, Debbie is also a professional actor and singer currently in “Snow White and the Seven Drag Queens” and “Steamworks: The Musical!”

Diana Fire Photo

Portland, OR

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Diana Fire

Diana Fire is Portland, Oregon's daddy bear drag queen. Diana grew up as a theater kid and was a dancer through high school and college. By her late twenties, her lingering performance skills and desire for attention led to the creation of the bearded lady you see today.

Diana produces and hosts a weekly drag show in Portland along with her daughter. When she's not performing, Diana can often be found doing charity work like raising money for local non-profits, or hanging out at the bath house making sure other members of the community are “taken care of.”

Ivanna Photo

Ware, MA

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Hey there, y'all! It's me Ivanna and I am so excited to be at camp and represent some of the amazing drag that comes from Western Massachusetts and Connecticut! I would definitely describe myself as a glamp queen: I have a very glam style, but a campy over the top personality. When it comes to drag, I love big hair, sparkles, and fabulous makeup.

I am so excited to come to Camp Wannakiki and show the world what kind of camp queen I am. I'm beautiful funny and very stupid! Yeah...that is the kind of queen I am. I cannot wait to see y'all on Camp Wannakiki Season Two!!!

Miss Kitty Litter ATX Photo

Austin, TX

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Miss Kitty Litter ATX

Miss Kitty Litter ATX was born and reared in Los Angeles, California (more than once!). Her birthdate is still a matter of great speculation, though carbon dating puts it somewhere around the Neolithic Period of History or the Big Bang.

Miss Kitty moved to the Lone Star State of Texas in the late 80s after traveling abroad (and what a broad she was). Briefly employed as a Bordello Madame, she now spends her time performing at various nightclubs and venues doing charity benefits, story time for children, and other shows, in addition to involuntary guest spots on “Info Wars.” She will go to everything from a book launch to the opening of an envelope.

This fanciful feline is most happy with a hot glue gun, a few yards of cute fabric and some good friends. She is happy as a pig in a pickle barrel to be one of the campers at Camp Wannakiki because she loves camp drag and frolicking with furry woodland creatures. Y'all come out to the catbox and see her now, ya hear?

Paris LuRux Photo

Vestal, NY

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Paris LuRux

Paris is a star on the rise with a head full of air. This thick-hipped jellyfish has been hitting the stage since 2011. She is no stranger to a competition. With her two pageant titles Miss Up and Coming CNY 2017 and Miss Gay St Lawrence 2019 under her belt, she is ready to show her more comedic side. Living her broke and boujee lifestyle, she's a queen on a budget and does it well.

As a competitive cheerleader, Paris is ready for some fun friendly competition. As a triple threat of being big, blonde and semi-intelligent, Paris is a seasoned queen and always jumping into her work head first (or in her words, bow first)... from making her own costumes and styling her own wigs, this diva is ready to go for that ultimate badge of Queen of Camp.

Tora Himan Photo

Orlando, FL

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Tora Himan

Tora Himan... that's Tora, with 1 Himan... is your glamorous, larger than life, curvy camp queen! Tora Himan is best described as the life-of-the-party, pumpkin-spice-holding, glitter-loving, basic bitch that you love to love... and give even more love to. Like so many drag queens, Tora started her journey in musical theatre, never landing the boy roles, so just decided to become the leading lady instead. That said, she became a full-time drag queen!

Originally from the woods of Pennsylvania, Tora grew up on a farm milking cows, helping her family with their butcher shop and twirling baton in her backyard in a muumuu. (SERIOUSLY!) You'll currently find Tora performing in and around Orlando, Florida (theme park capital of the world). No fast pass needed for this “Himan!” Ms. Himan holds several pageant titles including, Miss Rose Dynasty, and Miss Citrus State Comedy Queen. Tora loves to travel the world with her mother, Chinese food buffets and all types of ice cream. #TeamHiman

*Tora is only Jewish by injection

Vivica Galactica Photo

New York, NY

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Vivica Galactica

Vivica Galactica is a larger than life space case that crash landed on earth 3 years ago in Denver, CO. Recently she got her call for her next cosmic mission, and has started a new life in the place so nice they named it twice — New York, NY. She enjoys the Big Apple a lot because she can go from Broadway to Bjork between Manhattan and Brooklyn. (Sometimes she even braves the toxic avenger and does a few shows in New Jersey.) East Coast living sure is wonderful with the best slices of 'za, 24-hour delis and the BEST bagels in the world. But don't you worry, she'll always keep her mountain sensibilities.

She is a Broadway diva and weirdo, with plenty of heart. She's also an outspoken political queen. A director, producer, hostess, and actor... Vivica does it all. In the long run she desires to perform drag on the BIG stage in one-woman shows and elaborate cabarets while discovering the lengths that you can take this crazy idea of “drag.” You can catch her most weekends hosting a brunch or bingo. When she's not on the stage she's likely eating pizza with pineapple, and living her best city-girl life, even if it's on a water budget.

Dear Ruthie Photo

Milwaukee, WI
Camp Counselor

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Dear Ruthie

Hellooooo, campers! Big and bawdy and awfully naughty... it's Camp Counselor Ruthie! Often described as a cross between Bette Midler and Carol Burnett, Ruthie's kooky nature and 20+ year experience in the drag biz make her a natural for breaking in a new generation of camp queens.

Part actress, part stand-up comedian and part bear-chaser, Ruthie hass appeared in nearly every Charles Busch play ever written, made thousands of people giggle in clubs, bars and drag shows, and currently hosts a large family of crabs in her pantyhose. A Joan Rivers impersonator, frenzied cook and humor writer, her advice column, Dear Ruthie, has appeared in numerous publications over the last few decades. Yes... we said “decades.”

The Sugarbaker Twins Photo

Chicago, IL
Camp Directors

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The Sugarbaker Twins

Camp Directors Apple Brown Betty and Cherry Pi Sugarbaker like to think they run a tight ship, but let's face it... there's nothing tight at Camp Wannakiki.

Originally from Atlanta, GA, the Sugarbakers first came to life in Washington, DC, where Betty was managing a popular nightclub and hosting her weekly Gong Show Karaoke. When Cherry Pi would visit, she'd play the part of the drunk sidekick (a little too well, if you know what we mean). They eventually made their way to Chicago, where they opened up a Hamburger Mary's franchise and eventually took over the brand nationally.

The real life twin brothers (Ashley & Brandon Wright) are also co-owners of Hamburger Mary's International, and were recently featured on the hit CBS show, Undercover Boss. Going on 20 locations, Mary's is known not only for their gourmet burgers, but also for putting on great drag shows across the country. The Wright brothers are the creators and producers of Camp Wannakiki.

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