Camp Wannakiki

Summer Camp is a Drag

CAMP WANNAKIKI is a hilarious drag reality show featuring the campiest drag artists from across North America. Each episode reprises a day at camp, where campers must compete in a variety of daily activities and nightly talent shows in order to earn their badge. But unfortunately there aren’t enough badges for everyone... so every night, one camper must “Take a hike!”

This hilarious competition keeps the focus on fun and friendship, while giving drama and backstabbing the cold shoulder.

Who will outlast the rest to claim the crown, as well as the ultimate “Queen/King of Camp” badge?! Watch to find out!

Season Six Premieres July 2024

Meet the Season 6 campers!

Where to Watch Camp Wannakiki

Catch season five on OUTtv ( in the UK)! OUTtv is a subscription streaming service which focuses on LGBTQ+ content. It’s available in most English-speaking countries on AppleTv, Roku or at

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