Camp Wannakiki

Season 5

The Sugarbaker Twins and Camp Counselor Ruthie are back with a new crop of campers... and they are hungrier (and campier) than ever!

Season Five Premieres June 2023

Catch season five on OUTtv ( in the UK)! OUTtv is a subscription streaming service which focuses on LGBTQ+ content. It’s available in most English-speaking countries on AppleTv, Roku or at

Meet the Season 5 Campers

Avery Goodname Photo

Philadelphia, PA

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Avery Goodname

BIG BOOBS?! Um, chile, anyway... Avery Goodname is a Saturday morning cartoon with Saturday night fever! Inspired by Looney Tunes, The Fairly OddParents and The Powerpuff Girls, Avery's drag is all about being larger-than-life in both body and presence. Avery is known for one big thing – well, two big things – her signature makeup and her highly theatrical performances! In Spring of 2022, she competed in a local drag competition called Snatcherella 3000, where she ended up placing 3rd overall thanks to her hilarious concepts, her ridiculous props and costumes, and her gigantic, enormous, gargantuan... hair.

Oh, also... Her tits are huge.

Didi Cumswell Photo

Kansas City, MO

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Didi Cumswell

Didi is everyone's favorite Broadway Babe and Hollywood Housewife. She is always ready with a showtune, a vintage silhouette and a smattering of spoken word. Some have called her the tightest lip sync in the Midwest! Through her time spent in musical theater, she found a love for costumes, melodrama and (most of all) CAMP!

Didi began her drag career in the clubs of New York City in 2017, where she won “All Stars – Season 1” of the Ultimate Drag Pageant, and was named the first runner-up and Miss Congeniality in NYC's “Best in Drag” 2018. After pounding the pavement for a couple years, Didi packed her bags and made her way to Kansas City, where she can be seen at the KC Hamburger Mary's, as well as other gay and queer friendly establishments around town.

Dixie Krystals Photo

Denver, CO

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Dixie Krystals

Dixie Krystals has been dazzling audiences for 25 years. She grew up the small town in Pennsylvania and always dreamed of having her name in lights. See where that got her?! Her live vocals and tremendous comedic talents is undeniable! She was trained in Musical Theatre and has worked for Walt Disney World, Princess Cruise Lines, Busch Gardens and various regional theatres.

Her passion for community is what drives her to excellence. She is an ordained minister, bingo queen, emcee and fabulous hostess with the mostess. She’s won an award for her Podcast; Spill’n The Tea with Dixie (where she spills the tea on her life and worldly events)! You can catch Dixie in Generation Drag on Discovery+ as well as performing around Denver and beyond.

Girl Haggard Photo

Long Beach, CA

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Girl Haggard

Girl Haggard is PUNK. Multiple Periodts! Hailing both Satan... and from Long Beach... this Drag Thing finds comfort and creativity in found-object-fashion, the dismantling of the incarceration process, and thrashing about in a fit of radical self-expression. Girl brings drag and drag culture to alternative drag venues such as skater bars, horror pizza parlors and even churches. Praise Be.

Girl calls Long Beach home. It is also where you can catch Girl Haggard and The JailHouse – Long Beach's premier Drag Haus. Girl's shows range from Bad Girl Bingo at BLACK LBC, HONESTLY? at Hamburger Mary's LB, and any pageant available... Yes, she's a Pageant Girl now!

Jaclyn Jill Photo

Milwaukee, WI

Jaclyn Jill on Instagram

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Jaclyn Jill

Jaclyn Jill sat atop the hill, and the rest came tumbling after! Jaclyn is the sexiest heifer you'll ever meet. This dairy... (long pause for trademark reasons) ... queen puts the pretty in “pretty stupid.” From giving birth on stage to bench pressing audience members, if you've had a fever dream about it, it's been in a Jaclyn show.

Jaclyn has been performing for three LONG years, and has made a name for herself in the Wisconsin drag community. She loves to give big body... big hair... big feet? Anything to make her more of a dainty woman. When she's not producing her monthly shows at Milwaukee's Hamburger Mary's or This Is It bar, you can catch her calling bingo balls at random strangers from any street corner she hasn't already been banned from.

Miss Texas 1988 Photo

Seattle, WA

Miss Texas 1988 on FacebookMiss Texas 1988 on Instagram

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Miss Texas 1988

Miss Texas 1988 is not from Texas... or 1988! She was born in the rolling hills of Minnesota and now resides in sunny Seattle. The average person would describe Miss Texas as a cute lil' oddball, a nice person, and trash. Miss Texas can be found skipping through dirt or reading a cozy book about the history of queer radicalism while whittling sticks by the campfire. Texas is also passionate about outhouses, befriending raccoons, decorative macrame, and having existential conversations about the futility of capitalism while simultaneously managing deep concerns for the wellbeing of humanity.

As a hard-working Seattle drag artist, Miss Texas has a cutthroat set of skills that will come in handy when brawling to be the next Camp Champ. These include: wrestling, wood-working, mastery over the bird calls of northern Canada, vegetarianism, being nonbinary, and love. Because love is nice.

The self proclaimed “Queen of Failure,” Miss Texas 1988 is here to prove that socially awkward, odd-looking, kinda stupid, overly eager people can succeed by triumphantly being exactly who they are... and she's determined to do it all in heels too!

Muffy Vanderbilt III Photo

Houston, TX

Muffy Vanderbilt III on FacebookMuffy Vanderbilt III on Instagram

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Muffy Vanderbilt III

Known as “the Texas Toddler,” Muffy has been performing in drag for four years... and she loves every minute of it. This booked-and-busy queen can be seen at venues all around Houston, where she typically performs SIX days a week! In addition, Muffy has recently traveled to perform in Dallas, Austin, Mississippi, Arkansas and Las Vegas.

Muffy is a bodacious bombshell with a heart of gold. Known as a campy pageant queen, Muffy placed in the Top 5 of Bob the Drag Queen’s Look Queen NYC and placed in the Top 10 of the national All American Goddess At Large. Muffy is also the current reigning Miss Gay Houston America.

Opal Essence Photo

Columbus, OH

Riley Poppyseed on FacebookRiley Poppyseed on Instagram

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Riley Poppyseed

Riley Poppyseed is a high energy, over-the-top, theatrical drag king from the Buckeye capital and home of the largest gavel in the United States... Columbus, OH! With his musical theatre background and many years of performing, this king is sure to entertain you. With his unique drag style, Riley has won numerous competitions and titles all around Ohio.

Riley doesn't just fit into one box, he loves to explore and hop into other, interesting boxes as well. He does alternative drag, cosplay, plays instruments, sings, does political drag, comedy, and even burlesque from time to time. Riley is ready to give you some Black-Boy-Joy and show you what he's got! At the end of the day, he'll make you wanna yell out his name... RILEY POPPYSEED!!!!

Pola Frost Photo

Chicago, IL

Rita Tarot on Instagram

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Rita Tarot

Rita is the Supreme of Chicago! Known for her quick wit, sharp tongue, and twisted sense of glamour, this sorceress will definitely catch you with her love spell.

Rita's drag is the triple crown of delicious glamour, twisted spook, and, of course, heart-warming camp. She is both a spooky witch and a stupid bitch. When she is not hopping on her broom performing around the country you can catch her at various shows all over Chicago and the Midwest!

Rita is “Miss Gay Illinois USofA Newcomer 2022,” the Chicago drag ambassador for Drag out the Vote and was recently nominated for the Chicago Reader's “Best drag performer of Chicago.” But above all the most important title to her is the mother of the Haus of Masque and Aunt to a lot of the Chicago drag community.

So come take a whiff of what's brewing in this witch's brew because Satan's slam piece is ready for camp! Blessed be, witches!

Tara Newhole Photo

Fort Myers, FL

Tara Newhole on FacebookTara Newhole on Instagram

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Tara Newhole

Tara is the Bearded Bimbo of Southwest Florida! She is the current show director at Rascals, and has taken the city by storm since starting drag in 2019. Drag has been her full-time job for over two years, and since then she has made immense strides in creating a more inclusive and accepting environment for the queer community in her city. In addition to being a fierce drag queen, Tara is also a loveable host, a licensed chef, an ordained minister, and a cuddly cat lover! She's a campy diva with a pageant queen twist who’s packing a lot of tricks up her hole! Let's see if she can Tara Newhole in this competition!

Dear Ruthie Photo

Milwaukee, WI
Camp Counselor

Dear Ruthie on FacebookDear Ruthie on Instagram

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Dear Ruthie

Hellooooo, campers! Big and bawdy and awfully naughty... it's Camp Counselor Ruthie! Often described as a cross between Bette Midler and Carol Burnett, Ruthie's kooky nature and 20+ year experience in the drag biz make her a natural for breaking in a new generation of camp queens.

Part actress, part stand-up comedian and part bear-chaser, Ruthie hass appeared in nearly every Charles Busch play ever written, made thousands of people giggle in clubs, bars and drag shows, and currently hosts a large family of crabs in her pantyhose. A Joan Rivers impersonator, frenzied cook and humor writer, her advice column, Dear Ruthie, has appeared in numerous publications over the last few decades. Yes... we said “decades.”

The Sugarbaker Twins Photo

Chicago, IL
Camp Directors

Apple Brown Betty on FacebookCherry Pi on FacebookThe Sugarbaker Twins on Instagram

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The Sugarbaker Twins

Camp Directors Apple Brown Betty and Cherry Pi Sugarbaker like to think they run a tight ship, but let's face it... there's nothing tight at Camp Wannakiki.

Originally from Atlanta, GA, the Sugarbakers first came to life in Washington, DC, where Betty was managing a popular nightclub and hosting her weekly Gong Show Karaoke. When Cherry Pi would visit, she'd play the part of the drunk sidekick (a little too well, if you know what we mean). They eventually made their way to Chicago, where they opened up a Hamburger Mary's franchise and eventually took over the brand nationally.

The real life twin brothers (Ashley & Brandon Wright) are also co-owners of Hamburger Mary's International, and were recently featured on the hit CBS show, Undercover Boss. Going on 20 locations, Mary's is known not only for their gourmet burgers, but also for putting on great drag shows across the country. The Wright brothers are the creators and producers of Camp Wannakiki.

Ranger Danger Photo

Washington, DC

Ranger Danger on FacebookRanger Danger on Instagram

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Ranger Danger

Eddie Danger is a male model and entertainer, hailing from Washington, DC. Eddie is an aerial artist, contortionist, and a nightlife personality. He has appeared on television shows such as the Howard Stern Show, Hey Qween, and most recently, OUTtv’s premiere competition reality show for exotic dancers, GoGo for the Gold.

After such an exciting romp as a touring exotic dancer, Eddie has finally settled down to devote his life to nature, tending to the campgrounds as Camp Wannakiki's very own park ranger, Ranger Danger! Making his first appearance in Season 4, Ranger Danger is often caught pitching a tent by the bonfire, practicing his hard woodworking in the power tool shed, or whistling jingles with his frisky forest friends.

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