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S4 Now Open!

Season Four auditions are NOW OPEN until August 1, 2021! Here's what you need to do...


Watch the Audition Video

Audition Video

Your video must include the following:

The rest is up to YOU! Show us what you got... use your imagination and be creative! You can incorporate all of the above in whatever fashion you like. But remember: as a potential camper on season four, we expect you to “Amp Up Your Camp!”

Upload the video to YouTube and share the link with us via email to Be sure to set the video as “UNLISTED” so that we can see it, but it's not publicly visible. Don't have a YouTube account? Get one... it’s free!

Audition Questionnaire

In addition to the audition video, all applicants must complete and return the Audition Questionnaire. It's a PDF which you can fill out, but you will also need to print and sign it, then scan it and email back to us.

Click here to download the Audition Questionnaire.

Applicants must be at least 21 years old!


Submit your video link (no longer than 3 minutes!) and completed Questionnaire by August 1, 2021!

Please include BOTH the video link and the Questionnaire in the SAME EMAIL. If you send them in separate emails, one might get overlooked.

There's not a lot of time... so don't dilly-dally!

Due by August 1, 2021

Email your completed Audition Questionnaire and the link to your YouTube Audition Video to

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