Camp Wannakiki

Season 6
Premieres July 2024

Are you ready to Amp up Your Camp!? The Sugarbaker Twins and Camp Counselor Ruthie are back with a whole new crop of campers eager to compete for the title of “Camp Champ!”

Follow along as campers compete in daily camp activities and nightly talent shows, where they will either earn a badge or “Take a Hike!”

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Meet the Season 6 Campers

Amber Vanderbilt Photo

Houston, TX

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Amber Vanderbilt

Maybe she’s Vander-bilt for this. Maybe it’s Maybelline! Houston’s Blow-up Barbie is out of her box and ready to play! This “Southern belle“ is known for her big tits and a bigger mouth. Everything’s bigger in Texas! Continuing the Vanderbilt legacy, Amber is ready to get glamping.

Hanna Barbeara Photo

Palmdale, CA

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Hanna Barbeara

Your Saturday morning cartoon clown! Blending her signature Muppet-inspired aesthetic with glamour and camp, Hanna's got an infectious energy that lights up any room. Her bold, colorful looks are as vibrant as her personality. Get ready to embrace the absurd and revel in the unexpected.

Ivanna Peessa Photo

Baltimore, MD

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Ivanna Peessa

The cheesiest queen in charm city, Baltimore! Known for whittling thrift store finds into camp-couture, Ivanna is a delicious combination of the past and (distant) future of drag. A proud bearded queen who is ready to deliver this season. Who's hungry for a slice?

Lulu Krystals Photo

Denver, CO

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Lulu Krystals

Making her debut at Hamburger Mary’s Denver in 2017, LuLu has been terrorizing the Denver Drag Scene ever since. Combining sex appeal and comedy, this glamorously campy drag queen will cramp your abdominals and steal your heart. If you want to know who spiked the punch bowl, it was probably LuLu (but she will never admit it).

Martina Brookshire Photo

Las Vegas, NV

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Martina Brookshire

Coming to you from the city of sin and regret — Las Vegas! You may have met Martina as “The Diva” on Virgin Voyages, bringing high camp on the high seas. And if you’re looking to get hitched in Sin City, Martina is the only live singing drag queen wedding officiant in town.

Nutella Fitzgerald Photo

Chicago, IL

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Nutella Fitzgerald

Nutella is the dangerously delicious representation of Hollywood’s golden age of film (but without the racism). She is the songbird of Chicago, a stellar seamstress, and everyone’s favorite thing to spread in the morning. So stick a pin in it because this queen is sharp, blunt, and just “weaved” herself into the fabric of your lives!

Patty Bourrée Photo

Boston, MA

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Patty Bourrée

The humbly self-professed Greatest Star of the Greater Boston area. A chic chanteause and quick-witted comedienne, Patty has been wowing New England audiences since she was relocated to the area for psychiatric treatment. Through her one-woman shows and other sundry drag offerings, she has become known for her big voice, vintage style and bad attitude. Patty has dreamed of being cast on The Boulet Brother’s Dragula, but we’re glad she settled for Camp Wannakiki.

Rip Em Photo

Calgary, AB Canada

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Rip Em

A trans non-binary drag clown, musician, and visual artist from Calgary, Alberta, Canada! Being the second Canadian contestant on CW, they hope to put western Canada on the map... and prove that the big prairie sky has enough room for more than just cowboys and oil rigs. Full of camp and glam, and with energy bursting out of every orifice, Rip Em brings a performance full of passion, emotion, and a whole lot of laughs!

Stevie Phoenix Photo

Toledo, OH

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Stevie Phoenix

A glamorous, high energy, theatrical drag king reigning from Toledo, Ohio! This sexy king of versatility is bound to have something for everyone. That’s probably why he’s popular with the bitches, the bros, and the nonbinary heauxs! So if you’re ready for a king who plays with the rules of gender, incorporates live music, theatre and even a little magic, then make sure to tune in!

You'Neek Nu'York Photo

Richmond, VA

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You'Neek Nu'York

The byproduct of a life filled with female rappers and cartoons you probably shouldn’t let your kids watch anymore. All the way from Richmond, Virginia, she incorporates any and all ideas that come to mind in her drag. Do you like dancing horses, PB&J cosmetics, tackling roller chairs, and bananas being pelted at your face? Then seek professional help, AFTER you see her perform. A You’neek performance blends the best of beauty and brainrot. Well, at least she’s pretty.

Dear Ruthie Photo

Milwaukee, WI
Camp Counselor

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Dear Ruthie

Hellooooo, campers! Big and bawdy and awfully naughty... it's Camp Counselor Ruthie! Often described as a cross between Bette Midler and Carol Burnett, Ruthie's kooky nature and 20+ year experience in the drag biz make her a natural for breaking in a new generation of camp queens.

Part actress, part stand-up comedian and part bear-chaser, Ruthie hass appeared in nearly every Charles Busch play ever written, made thousands of people giggle in clubs, bars and drag shows, and currently hosts a large family of crabs in her pantyhose. A Joan Rivers impersonator, frenzied cook and humor writer, her advice column, Dear Ruthie, has appeared in numerous publications over the last few decades. Yes... we said “decades.”

The Sugarbaker Twins Photo

Chicago, IL
Camp Directors

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The Sugarbaker Twins

Camp Directors Apple Brown Betty and Cherry Pi Sugarbaker like to think they run a tight ship, but let's face it... there's nothing tight at Camp Wannakiki.

Originally from Atlanta, GA, the Sugarbakers first came to life in Washington, DC, where Betty was managing a popular nightclub and hosting her weekly Gong Show Karaoke. When Cherry Pi would visit, she'd play the part of the drunk sidekick (a little too well, if you know what we mean). They eventually made their way to Chicago, where they opened up a Hamburger Mary's franchise and eventually took over the brand nationally.

The real life twin brothers (Ashley & Brandon Wright) are also co-owners of Hamburger Mary's International, and were recently featured on the hit CBS show, Undercover Boss. Going on 20 locations, Mary's is known not only for their gourmet burgers, but also for putting on great drag shows across the country. The Wright brothers are the creators and producers of Camp Wannakiki.

Ranger Danger Photo

Washington, DC

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Ranger Danger

Eddie Danger is a male model and entertainer, hailing from Washington, DC. Eddie is an aerial artist, contortionist, and a nightlife personality. He has appeared on television shows such as the Howard Stern Show, Hey Qween, and most recently, OUTtv’s premiere competition reality show for exotic dancers, GoGo for the Gold.

After such an exciting romp as a touring exotic dancer, Eddie has finally settled down to devote his life to nature, tending to the campgrounds as Camp Wannakiki's very own park ranger, Ranger Danger! Making his first appearance in Season 4, Ranger Danger is often caught pitching a tent by the bonfire, practicing his hard woodworking in the power tool shed, or whistling jingles with his frisky forest friends.

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